Safety Notice

Traffic Plan for the Calvert County Fair

The Calvert County Fair has more than 30 years of field experience, so we know how important it is that we keep our fair supporters safe. That’s why we have prepared a special traffic plan to ensure the safety of people attending the fair.  

Please be aware that vehicles will not be allowed to turn left off Rt. 231 into the fairgrounds during county fair hours. An alternate route would be to use Rt. 506 (Sixes Rd.) to Rt. 508 (Adelina Rd.) to Rt. 231, which would allow a right turn into the fairgrounds.

Once the fairground parking lots are full, satellite parking with a free shuttle bus service will be available at Hallowing Point Park. During rush hour traffic, we will not grant access to the lots on the fairgrounds for some time to ease the flow of traffic on Rt. 231. Thank you for your understanding.